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Visual Merchandising

An indispensable element of sales, extremely important for every seller. We offer consists of a number of services, practical tools affecting sales.

Commodity Display

Take care of product display standards. Increase sales value with visual methods to improve exposure.

Store windows

Attract the customer's attention through the interesting and distinctive look of the shop window

Sales area planning

Plan the place of sale according to the rules, adjust solutions to the space, control the customer's path.

Product analysis

Discover knowledge about products according to customers, learn opinions about them, see how recognizable they are.


Create clear guidelines and rules for the presentation of the range. Develop a behavioral system.


Present clothing in a natural way using high-quality mannequins. Choose the best characters for your style.

About us

Great commercial competition forces each company to look for new ways to distinguish and attract the largest possible group of potential customers.

We are a group of enthusiasts who come to the rescue in such activities. We create quality, unique visual designs, services and products tailored to individual needs in order to facilitate sales and encourage customers to come back again and again.

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